The tried and true

I like patterns. I am really not much for veering much from a pattern. Ask any of my friends, if there is one person they know that doesn’t like to deviate from the instructions, it’s me. Which is so strange that with this pattern, before I even sewed up the first one, I was hacking away at the shape of the dress. I have made a few dresses in my day. Some have been successful and others, well others, not so much. This year I have been trying to look to my RTW (ready to wear) clothing to see what shapes I naturally gravitate towards. I figure that if I am going to be spending my time creating a garment, I had best make something I’m going to reach for (ideally) time and time again.

Enter Simplicity 2054

Belting? Not my thing. Split arms? NOT MY THING. But the shape, the shape I could get behind. It’s fitted through the shoulders, has a variety of sleeve lengths that I can play with and it skims the body, but it isn’t skin tight. BIG difference that skimming the body and skin tight fit 😉

I cut a size 10, laid it out over the fabric, looked at it sideways with my eyes squished almost shut, and then I grabbed my french curve and graded that baby… yep I altered the pattern without even tracing off!! What a rebel.  I nipped in the waist, shortened the sleeve to a 3/4 length and I took out some width at the bottom of the dress to change the A-line shape to more of a Pencil skirt shape.

And here’s the final product.

Oh yes, did I mention that I made two at the same time and the cozy red & tan one ended up growing wings and flying home with my sister? Well, it did. And I hear that she loves it as a lounging dress.

I have also made another 2 for a girlfriend and 2 for myself in more “Spring” fabrics.

What can I say, it’s turned into a tried and true for me. That being said, I think my husband will be happy to see me find another pattern to harass for a while… there’s really only so many that one woman needs to own… right?



Well, this is a bit foreign to me. Growing up I was always in love with the idea of keeping a journal, but without the work of actually keeping a journal. I would get all excited, buy a new book, new pens and then have all of these plans to write from here until the end of time. What would ultimately happen, as I think you can imagine, is that I did great for a week, then I would slowly dwindle my writing to once every few days, then every few week, until an entire month would go by and I hadn’t written down a damn thing… and then the thought of going back to fill in that month was just, well, daunting! So needless to say my Mum has a stack of old journals that are well, barely started.

With that all being said, I’m hoping that I don’t end up doing that here! I hope to keep things at a more manageable pace from the get go. Let’s see how that goes shall we?

Also, so it’s not just all words here today, this is Jack, he’s my sewing buddy – sometimes…

Fabric Jack