Well, this is a bit foreign to me. Growing up I was always in love with the idea of keeping a journal, but without the work of actually keeping a journal. I would get all excited, buy a new book, new pens and then have all of these plans to write from here until the end of time. What would ultimately happen, as I think you can imagine, is that I did great for a week, then I would slowly dwindle my writing to once every few days, then every few week, until an entire month would go by and I hadn’t written down a damn thing… and then the thought of going back to fill in that month was just, well, daunting! So needless to say my Mum has a stack of old journals that are well, barely started.

With that all being said, I’m hoping that I don’t end up doing that here! I hope to keep things at a more manageable pace from the get go. Let’s see how that goes shall we?

Also, so it’s not just all words here today, this is Jack, he’s my sewing buddy – sometimes…

Fabric Jack

2 thoughts on “Journals

  1. I know next to nothing about sewing, but love a good read. This journal is entertaining and informative. Very well written and easy to follow. What’s your next project, Dayl?


    1. Well, I have a number of projects made to be honest, I just need to find some time to step in front of the camera and document them! Some tops and some summer dresses are up next I think 😉


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