I don’t have many friends in real life that sew. Most of my friends are unbelievably flattering about what I make, but none of them sew themselves. I do have one girlfriend that I have gifted a few items of clothing to. She and I like to talk fashion, almost always over wine (a nice bold red please – maybe a Cali red blend or a nice full Okanagan Cab Sav), and have a great time shopping with each other and for each other.

She mentioned in passing an interest in learning how to do some sewing one time and I pounced! I did a bit of looking around and decided that the perfect place to start would be with a Colette Patterns Moneta. It’s an easy to make knit dress that is very forgiving in fit and precise sewing. She made a plan to come and visit and we spent a good portion of the weekend drinking wine and perfecting the fit of the dress for her.

I made dress #1 which was the grey poly blend knit, she sewed a good portion of #2, the blue and white dot dress and then I finished it up with dress #3, the black and birds dress. Dress #3 fits the best, as is expected when you sew and tweak a pattern.

The weekend was lovely, though I’m not sure that she will be signing up to sew all her own clothes anytime soon. I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to share my sewing experience with someone else. I hope we get a chance to repeat the weekend in the near future. Though after rapid fire sewing of 3 Monetas in a row, I think I’m ready to move onto a different pattern for the next weekend adventure.

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