Woven maxi dresses: love or want to love

I do love wearing a good knit maxi dress in the summer. I work from home, and sometimes popping on a long knit dress is exactly what I want to feel pulled together enough to pop out when needed, but still comfy enough that it’s great to work in.

Since I loved my knit maxi dresses I figured I would also love woven maxi dresses and proceeded to make not one, but you guessed it, two of the Simplicity 1801 View C.

I took a lot of volume out of the skirt portion; around 10 inches at the waist if I remember correctly and I find that it is still full enough to have a good swish factor.

This first fabric I made the dress up in was a 100% rayon printed panel fabric. It is fully lined in 100% rayon bemberg, with the skirt portion just lined to the knee – it gets rather hot here in the summer and I wanted to be sure I had maximum breeze-ability. I had fun with print placement, but I did over fit the dress in the midsection – I ended up going back in after wearing it a few times and let out the side seam as much as I dared.

The photo above was taken on a trip to Puerto Escondido with my husband and another couple we are super close with. This is after I let out the side seam a bit – still tight, but wearable for a dinner. Incidentally I also made my husbands shirt. It’s a Negroni by Colette Patterns

After version one was finished, I moved directly onto version 2.0 – made up with a poly cotton blend fabric that my grandmother picked up during her travels in the early 1980’s. The fabric had the most amazing border print that I just had to use, but had been saving for years until I found just the right pattern to showcase how marvelous this fabric is.

Version 2.0 is not as tight in the mid-section (thank goodness!) but I realized shortly after making it that I have a hard time wearing a floor length white dress, even if it is summer casual with a great border print. Version 2.0 is also fully lined, with a knee length lining for the skirt.

What about you? Are you a floor length white dress kinda gal? Or a floor length dress fan?


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