Jeans: Ginger is my number one

I did it – I made myself jeans! Well, I actually made myself two pairs of jeans (what a shocker right?! I had no idea prior to blogging how I make things in multiples!) with dreams of a few more pairs to come!


These bad boys are the first pair I made for myself and have been in heavy rotation. They are View A of the Ginger Jeans that was created from the brilliant mind of Ms. Heather Lou. This first pair was a straight up size 8 – no alterations done.


I ended up not even looking at the instructions as I found the sew-along that Heather posted so informative. If I’m being honest here, I actually followed her sew-along steps when sewing jeans for my husband (the first 2 pairs of jeans I sewed were for him) and it was far, far better than the instructions that came with his pattern.


I decided on tone-on-tone top stitching for my first pair, and thankfully had my husband on hand to help with back pocket placement, and to mark a wedge of fabric that I wanted to remove. I ended up removing 5/8″ from the pattern (a total of 1 1/4″) at the top of the waistband tapering to nothing by the top of the back pockets pockets. I also didn’t take up the hem at all, so they are good with heels, and a little slouchy with flats, but don’t drag, which is what I like.


I added a bit of colour to the outer edge of the back pockets of the jeans I made, just to put my own little spin on them, and the rivets and jeans button were from Taylor Tailor – Taylor was crazy quick at answering my questions and shipping out my goods, and I had a great time with the rivet insertion process. That being said, I certainly managed to mangle a few rivets before getting it just right.


Version 2.0 went well and the fit is spot on. I decided on a dark gold top stitching thread to change things up a bit. Again, this is View A, the low rise version. Keep in mind that I have a very shallow rise, so these will likely sit lower on most people.


I decided to change up the pockets on this version, and copied a pair of RTW Rock & Republic jeans that I own. The original pockets are great, but I love the way that these ones make my backside look.


As you can see, still have the coloured thread on the back pocket, but decided to change up the colour a bit.


Look it matches the zipper and pocket bags! The zipper was part of a Jeans kit from Thread Theory (you guys, these guys are the best – I have seriously never had such fantastic customer service before, ever).


And the fabric for the pocket back is from Spool of Thread. This stuff was purchased over a year ago, so I’m not sure if they still have it in stock, but when I purchased this stuff, they also had it in about 3 other colourways.

Have you sewn your own jeans? What’s your favourite pattern? Do you add any fun details to make them “your own”?


11 thoughts on “Jeans: Ginger is my number one

  1. These are freaking AWESOME. my first instinct was “those pockets are too small” but you’re right, your butt looks majestic. I think its a combination of shape and placement. Either way, Brava!


    1. Thanks Heather! It was actually my husband’s suggestion to try these pockets. I, like you, initially thought that they were too small, but for this pair I like them. They are fairly distinct so I think that it might just be the one pair that gets them, but goodness it’s fun to play around with pockets! Again, thanks for drafting SUCH a wonderful pattern!


  2. I just found your post! … Your Gingers look glorious!!! love them … and your booty – majestic like Heather said. Love the pocket size and placement in the second pair. My pockets ended up awkwardly low 😉


  3. Lovely pair of jeans! I am just about to sew my first Gingers, but having a hard time finding nice denim fabric. Which did you use for the two versions? I particularly like the looks of the first one! Great job!!


    1. Hi Maiken, Sorry about the delay in responding! The denim from the first pair of jeans were bought locally at Fabricland, and the second pair I picked up denim from Fabricana in Coquitlam. Both felt rather stiff before I washed them, but then after washing both pairs softened up – the first set more so than the second. 🙂


  4. Hi! Just found your post about these Ginger jeans…what a great job you did on them! I’m curious where you found your denim on the first pair. I’ve been searching for a soft comfortable denim. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Marsi! I found the fabric at my local sewing store – Fabricland – it was just mixed in with the denim and got much softer after the first wash. It felt rather stiff, kind of like it had been starched before I washed them, and the content was about 97% cotton 3-5% spandex I believe. Good luck finding the right fabric and happy sewing!


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