Tweaked and Manipulated: In a Relaxed Manner.

Look at this! I’m back with another dress (or two) based off of a pattern I have already made! It’s shocking isn’t it? I know, my goodness; me, making multiples of a garment. *Le sigh* let me get on with showing you some photos…

This is good ‘ol New Look 6968, yet again. But I did modify it, yet again.

This time I remembered to redraft the armhole, lowering it about half an inch, and I added back the length to the bodice that I had removed when I shortened the length between the armhole and shoulder seam last time. I made this up in a stretch cotton sateen (stuck through the washer and dryer) which seems to remove most of the sheen, which is my preference.

This is once again my good friend Heidi modelling. Unlike last time, this dress was made for her. That might have been another part of the reason that she was willing to model a romper for me; she has been the recipient of a few articles of handmade clothing over the years.

I was sure that this was a style that should live in my work closet as well. It has all the makings of what makes me tick in my work-wear; pencil skirt silhouette, fitted bodice, but not too tight, fully lined (since I finally managed to draft a skirt lining) and with a bit of stretch (thank you stretch cotton sateen!) for comfort.

I am happy to report that I really like this dress on me, that it fits my work wardrobe and I feel like a lady while wearing it.

Have you ever just pushed through multiple makes of an item, just positive that it was meant for your closet, and have it work out?!


Back with something… New? The sorta camas blouse.

Well, it is a new make. Actually, two new makes, but it’s based off a pattern that I have already made once (okay, okay, I’ve made it twice) and now modified, have made it twice more.

This is actually the second of the two tops that I made. But before I get to the top(s) I want to tell you about work. Well, not really work per say, but I happened to have been at work when I was inspired to make this top. I end up at a lot of networking events for work, which means I get to see a lot of different styles on a lot of different people. For someone like me, it’s certainly one of the perks of the job. So, I was at an event and there was a woman who was wearing a long sleeve top that had a very cool twisted front. This of course sent me down the rabbit hole of trying to mentally take it apart and figure out how it was made. To be honest, I might have missed a bit of the conversation that was happening as I was trying to figure out the construction order… But I covered my tracks well enough (in the conversation) and managed to work out a pattern hack I thought would work.

Enter the Thread Theory Camas Blouse. I made this top a few months ago so I can’t quite remember what I did to modify it, but I think I I just extended the front pieces and removed the neckline trim.

This was a meter of silk that I purchased for a dress but never ended up using, so I stuck this in the washer and dryer (tough love) and cut into it. This is actually the wrong side of the fabric, I wasn’t a big fan of the shine of the right side. As I mentioned, this is top two. The first one (seen below) was made of a polyester in a really great print. I loved it so much I decided I needed it in silk. Well, this silk was a beast to work with and it left me a bit jaded with the top itself. I have worn it a few times, but ended up having to hand sewing the front crossover closed. Ask me how I found out the front cross in a silk was too floaty to stay closed; work function.

This was the first one I sewed – I love it! The weight is just perfect; it’s not clingy or staticy, and the drape sits well with just a small stitch to keep the top closed where I want it to sit. I wear this for work, so I kept the neckline modest, but someone could have a lot of fun with this if wearing a bra wasn’t on your list of “things I need to do”.

Got any good pattern hacks? Spaced out in the middle of a conversation because you were trying just a little bit too hard to determine how to make something? Please tell me I’m not the only one…