Tweaked and Manipulated: In a Relaxed Manner.

Look at this! I’m back with another dress (or two) based off of a pattern I have already made! It’s shocking isn’t it? I know, my goodness; me, making multiples of a garment. *Le sigh* let me get on with showing you some photos…

This is good ‘ol New Look 6968, yet again. But I did modify it, yet again.

This time I remembered to redraft the armhole, lowering it about half an inch, and I added back the length to the bodice that I had removed when I shortened the length between the armhole and shoulder seam last time. I made this up in a stretch cotton sateen (stuck through the washer and dryer) which seems to remove most of the sheen, which is my preference.

This is once again my good friend Heidi modelling. Unlike last time, this dress was made for her. That might have been another part of the reason that she was willing to model a romper for me; she has been the recipient of a few articles of handmade clothing over the years.

I was sure that this was a style that should live in my work closet as well. It has all the makings of what makes me tick in my work-wear; pencil skirt silhouette, fitted bodice, but not too tight, fully lined (since I finally managed to draft a skirt lining) and with a bit of stretch (thank you stretch cotton sateen!) for comfort.

I am happy to report that I really like this dress on me, that it fits my work wardrobe and I feel like a lady while wearing it.

Have you ever just pushed through multiple makes of an item, just positive that it was meant for your closet, and have it work out?!


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