The Top: Part Two, Make Three

Yes, yes, yes, this is the same top as I talked about last week. Because of that, this post will be short and sweet.

I used the same size size pattern as last time (size 10) but with a fabric that has so much more drape, the result was a bit different. I was aware that with a slinky fabric such as this, I might end up with a neckline that was more generous than intended, and to be sure I didn’t run into the same challenge as I did with this purple top, I lined the front neckline with some pink ribbon I had on hand. This has worked well to stabilize things, but every so often a flash of pink shows. Not a big deal, but something for me to keep in mind for next time. Check out those side stripe matching! Also, the arms, the stripes don’t match there, but I was limited by the amount of fabric I had (from my stash) and really wanted this top in this fabric. I can live with it.


Something I didn’t factor in was the back drape. Once complete, I tried the top on and knew that the propensity of the top to slide off my shoulders, thus exposing my bra straps and requiring me to fiddle constantly, would drive me nuts. As mentioned above, I was working with very little yardage so had to get a bit creative. I dove into my sewing room garbage can and produced the rolled selvage edge et voila. I actually first sewed this little piece along the shoulder seam and really disliked the proportions created, but, moved down by about 5 inches, I quite like it.

This is easily one of my most frequently worn me-made tops. It’s comfy, the fabric is a delight against the skin and it shows enough skin to be fun, but is loose enough to wear while enjoying a good meal and a few too many glasses of wine.

What’s your favourite top pattern? Do you have a few? Are they for knits or wovens?


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