The Sallie: Romper

Does anyone else else dislike the term “romper”? Is there another (better) term we could use? I just feel like all of the terms out there for this garment do it a disservice.

I bought the Sallie Jumpsuit pattern from Closet Case Files the day it was released. And I actually didn’t purchase it for myself. I have this fantastic friend who fits the same clothes as I do, but she and I are opposite in one fairly major way (body dimension wise); I have a very short rise and she has a very long rise. This of course means, that although this lady would look like a bombshell in a jumpsuit, she has never been able to find one that doesn’t produce a certain “named after an animals digit”  in the neither region. This friend of mine unfortunately doesn’t live near me, so having her pop ’round for a fitting just wasn’t possible. I got her to take some body measurements and set to work on a shorts version. This means I was able to test fit without eating up meters and meters of fabric and, let’s face it, it’s pretty darn cute.

The model below isn’t me; as I stated, my girlfriend and I don’t share the same dimensions in what are integral areas to make this pattern fit, and as I mentioned above, said friend does not live close, so managed to ply another friend with enough wine to model a few things! This lovely model below is my dear friend Heidi. Thank you Heidi, for indulging me in my nutty creative pursuits (and for allowing me to bend you like a Gumby doll to pose you into place)!

I ended up adding 2 inches of length to the rise and another 2 inches of length to the bottom of the top pieces. I also had no idea how long to make the shorts, so left about 10 inches of fabric that I quickly hacked down to 5 inches once i tried it on. I believe that a number of other ladies made this pattern in romper form and added some width to the legs. I’m a cyclist and therefore don’t have small quads, but I found this pattern to be the perfect mix of flattering and fitted, but not tight, as drafted. That being said, this leg has less of a 70’s vibe and more of a “look at me I have great legs and can rock the hell out of a pair of wedges”.  I wanted the top to have a bit of a “fold over” effect so it could be worn with or without a belt. Here it’s styled without a belt, but I believe the intended owner tends to wear it belted most often.

The back has a really nice v that shows off a great back, but it’s not so low that you have to worry about bras peeking out – nothing ruins a low or open back as much as a thick wedge of a bra showing.

This romper is made out of a deliciously weighty bamboo jersey that I got from a local clothing store and was amazing to work with. It’s got great drape, is completely opaque, and has just enough body to it that there is no showing of lumps or bumps that are not wanted, just the ones you do want showing stand out. It is also very comfortable to wear and generates a number of compliments, from both men and women. Want to know how I know? I might have sewed one up for myself too, in a black bamboo jersey, and then wore it on a flight to hand deliver this one to it’s intended owner.

How do you feel about distance sewing for others? Have you ever hand delivered a garment to someone while wearing the exact same item just in a different colour? Or in the same colour?!