Jeans: Ginger is my number one

I did it – I made myself jeans! Well, I actually made myself two pairs of jeans (what a shocker right?! I had no idea prior to blogging how I make things in multiples!) with dreams of a few more pairs to come!


These bad boys are the first pair I made for myself and have been in heavy rotation. They are View A of the Ginger Jeans that was created from the brilliant mind of Ms. Heather Lou. This first pair was a straight up size 8 – no alterations done.


I ended up not even looking at the instructions as I found the sew-along that Heather posted so informative. If I’m being honest here, I actually followed her sew-along steps when sewing jeans for my husband (the first 2 pairs of jeans I sewed were for him) and it was far, far better than the instructions that came with his pattern.


I decided on tone-on-tone top stitching for my first pair, and thankfully had my husband on hand to help with back pocket placement, and to mark a wedge of fabric that I wanted to remove. I ended up removing 5/8″ from the pattern (a total of 1 1/4″) at the top of the waistband tapering to nothing by the top of the back pockets pockets. I also didn’t take up the hem at all, so they are good with heels, and a little slouchy with flats, but don’t drag, which is what I like.


I added a bit of colour to the outer edge of the back pockets of the jeans I made, just to put my own little spin on them, and the rivets and jeans button were from Taylor Tailor – Taylor was crazy quick at answering my questions and shipping out my goods, and I had a great time with the rivet insertion process. That being said, I certainly managed to mangle a few rivets before getting it just right.


Version 2.0 went well and the fit is spot on. I decided on a dark gold top stitching thread to change things up a bit. Again, this is View A, the low rise version. Keep in mind that I have a very shallow rise, so these will likely sit lower on most people.


I decided to change up the pockets on this version, and copied a pair of RTW Rock & Republic jeans that I own. The original pockets are great, but I love the way that these ones make my backside look.


As you can see, still have the coloured thread on the back pocket, but decided to change up the colour a bit.


Look it matches the zipper and pocket bags! The zipper was part of a Jeans kit from Thread Theory (you guys, these guys areĀ the best – I have seriously never had such fantastic customer service before, ever).


And the fabric for the pocket back is from Spool of Thread. This stuff was purchased over a year ago, so I’m not sure if they still have it in stock, but when I purchased this stuff, they also had it in about 3 other colourways.

Have you sewn your own jeans? What’s your favourite pattern? Do you add any fun details to make them “your own”?