Selfless Sewing: do you do it?

Holidays are always interesting. I love the magic of the time of year leading up to Christmas. The air is crisp, there’s usually either the threat of snow, or actual snow on the ground and anticipation in the air. As a child I LOVED getting gifts. And as I get older, gifts are still important, but I get my joy in giving gifts; the ones that I have thought about, and tracked down, and found just the right thing for the right person.

I normally don’t sew Christmas gifts for people. It’s a busy time of year, there are a number of gifts all at once, and I usually can’t think of things I want to make and that people would love.

This year was different; I made a dress and a top for my sister (very easy as we wear almost the same size!!) and a few house items for my parents, but my most challenging, and admittedly, most exciting project was the gift for my husband.

In November we went shopping at a fantastic denim store; Dutil. The staff were amazing and did a great job of outfitting my husband. Seeing him in jeans that fit properly was amazing (he’s a cyclist and therefore can have some challenges finding cuts that fit over his legs).  After looking at the jeans I thought – I bet I could make something like these – and all of a sudden I was off and running.

The first pair was a denim muslin so to speak. I flat measured his purchased jeans, left a bit of ease and sewed them up. I wanted to be sure he had something to put on Christmas morning. He did, and he loved them! With a few minor tweaks I went to work on jeans version 2.0 and had them finished within a few days.


I’m happy to say he loves both sets and I’m on a jeans making binge. I have one more pair en-route to the cutting table for him, and have decided I should try making myself a pair too.

I had leftover denim from husband’s version 2.0 so I am crafting myself a pair of Gingers. Hope I’m half as happy with them on me as my husband is of his.