Sweatshirts: how many is too many?

The Lane Raglan Sweatshirt – I love it.

I have made it a total of 7 times in a multitude of fabrics; from poly sweatshirt fleece in a questionable leopard print to a 100% silk knit in an amazing shade of greyish navy blue, now residing with my dear sister-in-law. It was a Christmas gift that I had a hell of a hard time gifting – I really did want to keep it for myself.


Let’s back up.

I walked into a department store one day and saw a great deal on a light grey, crew neck, raglan sleeve sweatshirt. I tried it on over my tank top and bought it. Easy. As the weather got cooler I found I kept reaching for this one sweatshirt. I work from home, so my daily work wardrobe is simple; jeans with a top that isn’t a mess, but is still comfy, and looks put together enough that I can throw on shoes/boots and pop out to run a few errands. I found I was wearing said top much more than I should have and so thought about making a few of my own. I have a few knits kicking around in my stash and I thought it might be a good chance to thin the herd so to speak.

My first thought was to pull the pattern from the top itself, but the more I looked at the top, the more I realized there would be a few things that I would ideally like to change; sleeve and body length, just a smidge longer. I also realized that I just wanted to sew. I didn’t want to pull a pattern and tweak it and then test it and then tweak it some more.


So after a bit of browsing I came across the Lane Raglan Sweatshirt pattern. The images looked spot on and the measurements were ideally close to mine – excellent – very little to modify – YES! So I bought the pattern – and then remembered that I hate taping pdf’s together. But, the thought of owning more tops in all the pretty colours kicked me into gear and away I went. I traced off a straight size small and followed the instructions, and in less than 2 hours from laying out the pattern to a final press I had a lovely new top.


I ended up removing an inch of length from the sleeves and the body length but left the rest as is. I ended up making this top up in the standard knit fabrics, and then decided that I wanted to try it in a drapey rayon. Again, this was a stash fabric. I loved the look of this top without the bands so I simply turned under and twin needle stitched the hem, sleeves and neckline. The only thing I wish I had done was to add knit interfacing to the neckline – i find it stretches a bit more than I like after I wear it for a while.


All in all a lovely pattern that I know will pop up a few more times before I’m done with it! Do you have a go-to top pattern? Is it the Lane Raglan as well?